Founder and Lead Investigator

Cari is our bubbly outgoing den mother. She keeps us engaged and on track. She enjoys photography, and is the art director behind all of our still photography. The proud mother of two fur babies, four borrowed children, and one man child. Her home life is busy, but Cari always has time for others. She is definitely the social butterfly of the group. Cari has had unexplainable experiences since childhood. Cari’s interest in investigation extends beyond just the paranormal aspect. She enjoys antiques and the character that only occurs with older artictures.

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Public Relations and Lead Investigator

Crystal is exploring life and the afterlife solo. She has many friends with weird occupations and outlooks on the human experience. She is positive with a cynical spin. She has been interested in paranormal early on and especially since an experience as a teen.


Social Media and Lead Investigator

Hi my name is Dustin Heath. I am married to my high school sweetheart Amanda. We have two chihuahuas. One long haired named Rexy and a short haired named Jaxson. I am interested in the paranormal,because when I was 8 years old my sister and I had a paranormal experience that sparked my interest. I believe it is important to investigate paranormal to further understand the other side.


Co Case Manager of Private Investigations and Lead Investigator

My name is Linda and I am the Mother of two grown children. I have one granddaughter Lily Grace. I am becoming a cat lady as I have three cats, two that I took in as strays. I have been interested in the paranormal for many years and have had several paranormal experiences. The most recent was at my former residence.  I am a very curious person and I want to know why Spirits are here I want to know their story, and if I can, help them to cross over.

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Marketing Manager and Lead Investigator

Rob loves being creative. Whether its being a mad scientist when it comes to paranormal investigation by bringing new techniques and equipment to bare or by creating graphics, set decoration or lighting effects for the teams live shots, or just dreaming up new opportunities for the team to experience. His day job is not much different, combining art and engineering to re-imagine lifestyle amenities for his clientele. He is a believer in the paranormal  but is not quick to jump to the paranormal wanting to eliminate the explainable first. Also known on the team as the human ghost repellent Rob tries to bring his no nonsense approach to any situation.  

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Co Case Manager of Private Investigations and Lead Investigator

Hi, my name is Rick Hodge and I am a Vietnam Veteran and a retired hospice nurse.  I have been a paranormal investigator for 11 years. My first paranormal experience was in 1971 while in Vietnam when my brother who had just committed suicide came to me in my sleep to let me know that he was all right.  My next paranormal experience was in 1975 at my grandparents’ old farmhouse in Virginia. I was awoken by the sound of the front door closing and the Venetian blinds slapping against the door, followed three steps coming up the stairs and a woman’s voice crying.  I knew immediately that it was my great-great aunt Mec, who had built the house, along with her husband Luther in 1860’s and she died in the home. The reason for her crying is that her nephew had gotten drunk and destroyed the inside of her home. Besides investigating, I am also interested in paranormal research in the areas of methodology of investigating and external factors that affect activity. Happy Hunting!


Social Media and Lead Investigator

Hello, my name is Amanda. I am a life long resident of New Castle. I am happily married to fellow hoosier haunts team mate Dustin, who was my high school sweetheart.

I married into the paranormal, as my mother-in-law, Linda is also a member of the team. With that being said, I have developed my own interest into the paranormal and have become curious about the people behind the spirits we find and try to communicate with.

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