Cari is from the small Indiana town, Daleville. Cari enjoys traveling, but has never moved far from her first home which was an old farm house. The old farmhouse no longer resembles that as it is now located in the middle of town that an addition was built around. The old farm house is where it all began.

Even though Cari never experienced paranormal activities directly while living there, she always had a feeling that she was not alone. Even with her huge imagination there was more.

At age 7 her family moved and built a new home on the family farm as the old farm house was beginning to become a money pit. Ever since moving Cari wished she could save it as it seemed no one after her family had moved out of it could keep up with the old farm house.

Years go by and and in 2014 Cari’s love for old buildings and interest in the paranormal came together. A few coworkers investigated at Thornhaven Manor in New Castle, IN. From that investigation on she was hooked and has lost count of how many investigations she has been on. Cari kept some of the coworkers that were more interested together and planned more investigations. The next few years Cari let others join in on the investigations. The team that was developing was more of what Cari calls a parafam (Paranormal Family). In October 2019, Cari and the team decided to choose a name and become an official Indiana team. That is when Hoosier Haunts was started.

Cari has many stories from different locations but two that stand out the most would be the investigation at Ashmore Estates when she felt like a child was trying to get her attention and flipped her finger before she started up the stairs. The other would be Stone Mansion where she was touched multiple times then at the last session before wrapping things up she had slid her K2 meter and recorder out from her and a few minutes later her recorder was slid back to her.

For many ghost hunting is misunderstood. Yes there are those out there that frequent cemeteries & play with Quiji boards. That’s not Cari.  Cemeteries are there for those to rest.  Ghost hunting to Cari is not really “ghost hunting” .  She prefers paranormal Investigating. Every trip she takes, every building she enters, every person she meets it is all about investigation.  A lot of research and time goes into each investigation.  Cari doesn’t set out to see ghosts…in fact if she has no experiences, she won’t leave disappointed, more like lucky she had that opportunity.   She sets out to find out what else is out there. Cari enjoys architecture of old buildings and hopefully bring a sense of relief to those she come in contact with.  Cari thinks of paranormal investigations as any other passion or hobby to anyone else…hers just tends to give people the wrong impression, mainly because it is so misunderstood.  Cari has met some of the most amazing people. She has been to some beautiful locations and have many more on her list. Cari loves her team and wouldn’t trade them for anything…they truly are a parafam.

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