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Ghoststop is a highly recommended retailer for paranormal equipment in the field.

Psychic Science provides a lot of paranormal terms and definitions.

Hoosier Haunts mainly works with residual and intelligent hauntings, but on the rare occasion we will run into non human hauntings and this link helps define some of those. We then call on our experts in this area for help.

The basic Mel Meter was introduced in 2008. This instrument has all the essential functions used by paranormal investigators. Pro measure specializes in this type of meters.

CenTex Paranormal

EDI & EDI+ 5-in-1 EMF dectectors for Ghost Hunting

Ghost Light

Ghosts Lights are professional, high power specialty lights that employ infrared, ultraviolet, IR+UV, and True Full Spectrum LEDS and are used with night vision capable still and video cameras for filming at night or in total darkness.

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