Living in 100+ year old farm house, I was accustom to the noises and creaks and groans that come with a house of that age. The house was sturdy, built in the early 1800’s by a wealthy farmer the double brick walls, and ornately carved newel post on the railing told the tale of the old world aristocracy of the home. Occasionally at night while lying in bed, it sounded as if someone was walking up the stairs and down the hall toward our room. Frightened my girlfriend at the time would say, “did you hear that?” I would say, “its just the old water pipes don’t worry about it. ” I knew it wasn’t the pipes, or anything explainable for that matter, it was the echo’s of a former home owner, walking the same path, for eternity. From time to time things would go missing, and reappear in peculiar locations, neither one of us said anything to the other but I had to believe she had to know something else occupied those rooms, as surely it walked the halls.

One evening it wasn’t terribly late, my girlfriend was working 2nd shift, I was sitting on the couch playing my guitar and just staring out a large picture window across the living room. There was no outside light as it was overcast that night and I couldn’t see a thing outside the window, only the reflection of myself, the room I was in, its contents and the grand staircase leading to the second floor in the reflection of the glass. Lost deep in thought, and what little music I was able to eek from my guitar, I suddenly realized that I could hear footsteps upstairs on the hardwood floors of the hallway. Faintly at first as they begin to sound as if they were coming closer to the stairs.

I began to intently stare intently at the reflection of the window as I heard the steps begin to creek, first on one and then another. Now feeling more than a little nervous I was mindlessly plucking at the guitar more in a nervous fidgety way as the anxiety rose, slowly I could see the feet, then legs and the whole lower torso of a figure begin to appear. With each sound of a foot fall on a step there was something, (someone) coming down the stairs, finally as I now set paralyzed in disbelief, staring at the reflection in the glass, I could see me sitting on the couch, and behind me on the landing a white misty figure from head to toe, I was terrified to turn around and confirm what the reflection was showing me, the figure turned and was looking directly at the window I was looking at, it started to take a step to descend the final four steps and join me in the living, room. I quickly fled the room, I fled the house. When my girlfriend came home from work she found me sitting in a lawn chair under the car port, she said, “what are you doing out here its 11:00 at night?” I simply said, “it was a nice evening I just wanted to sit outside.”

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